About Rebecca & the blog

About Rebecca

My name is Rebecca M. Willén. I have a PhD in Psychology from University of Gothenburg, Sweden, and am the founding director of IGDORE, a rapidly growing location independent research institute. To learn more about my scientific work and my availability as lecturer, speaker or consultant, please visit my website.

My work is location independent, which means that I can work from anywhere in the world as long as I have my laptop and a decent internet connection. I have for many years shared my time between Indonesia and Europe, but nowadays I reside in Sweden only. I live with my daughter, two cats, and two and a half dogs. I’m a vegan since 1998 (yes, I’m that old). I have the classic version of myotonic dystrophy type 1 (DM1/MD1).

About the blog

This blog was opened in August 2009, closed in October 2010, and re-opened in August 2019. The blog was initially in Swedish and combined personal posts on my life before I entered university with more fact-based posts on things I learned and experienced as a (psychology) student.

As I got closer to pursuing a scientific career by entering the PhD program, I made RMW’s blogg more fact-focused by moving the personal posts to a separate blog called Livsförändringar (Life Changes). Only a short time later, I removed public access to Livsförändringar because I wanted more privacy with regard to my background during my continued academic career. As of August 2019, 9 years later, public access has been restored with the purpose to make my background as useful as possible to others.

In addition, after 9 years of silence, RMW’s Blogg has reopened. The blog is now in English, although the word ‘blog’ in the title remains in Swedish for nostalgic reasons; old posts are still available but only in Swedish. Future posts will include random thoughts on academia, science, freedom, and life. Sometimes personal. Sometimes professional. Sometimes both. Thank you warmly for reading. Do share and enjoy.

All texts on this blog are under a CC BY-ND license. However, no photos/images on the blog can be re-used without permission unless explicitly stated otherwise.

Header photo credit: Johan Rudolfsson.